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When your child has been identified as being within the top 2% of IQ, it can be a life-changing experience. Being separated in this way from 49 out of 50 other parents means that pretty much by definition, parenting a gifted child can be very isolating. Other parents assume that if your child outperforms theirs it’s because you’re pushing them too hard and not letting them “be a kid.” If you talk about your child in almost any way other than negatively, then you’re a braggart. So you’re left out on your own little island, effectively cut off from communicating in any meaningful way with other families. We’re hoping to change that with our Gifted Group and Gifted Forum. Get connected with parents who understand today.

2e, or Twice Exceptional, is what we call kids who are both gifted and who also have another challenge such as being on the autism spectrum, having ADHD, or some other physical or learning disability. If this sounds like you or your family, you’ll also want to take part in our 2e Group and 2e Forum as well.

Probably the #1 question on most people’s minds when they first visit is “Is my child gifted? How can I tell?” Well, we have an excellent collection of videos talking about just that. But often times, whether it’s that question or another, what you really want is to bounce a question off other parents dealing with the same sorts of things. That’s what our Q&A section is all about. Post your question, answer someone else’s and let the power of community help you find what you need.

We’re working on putting together a comprehensive resource site where families can gather. To that end we’ve already added the Giftedness Resource Directory which contains links to gifted resources around the internet, and don’t forget to stop by the Giftedness Store and pick something up for yourself, your kids or for a friend or loved one. More videos are being added to our collection, resources are being added to the directory, and products to the store, and our Q&A database gets bigger and more informative every single day. Make sure you’re checking back often to see what’s new and different.

There’s lots more to come, and you can help by contributing to the groups and forums here as well as by sending us suggestions for features you’d like to see added. We look forward to hearing from you!