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About 1 Smart Family

1 Smart Family


ho or what is 1 Smart Family? We’re glad you asked. 1 Smart Family is the project of an at-home dad who found – despite the millions of websites on the internet – there really wasn’t a space dedicated to the whole family. Some sites are for kids, others are aimed at moms, and a very small number are specifically for dads. The ones that are dedicated to families seem to come in three distinct flavors. They are either: 1) offering/selling a product/service, 2) advancing a particular religion, or 3) aggregating stories with the word “family” in them. But a full-featured website just for and about families without an agenda? Nope.

About Family

It’s About Family.


nd so 1 Smart Family was born in July, 2013. The idea when we started was pretty simple: build a truly interactive site for families of gifted kids. As the parents of gifted kids, we knew all too well how sparse the pickings were. But once we got started, we realized that it wasn’t just the families of gifted kids who weren’t being well-served: it was all families. Families are the core units of our society, but on the biggest and best communication network in the world – the internet – this is all we have to choose from?

It's Family Fun

It’s Serious. It’s Fun. It’s Serious Family Fun.


hat didn’t seem right. So with admittedly meager resources, we set out to change that. We’re endeavoring to build a truly community-driven site where every member of the family can find something interesting, educating, amusing or just plain fun. We’ve added tools so you can connect with others who share your interests and your personal struggles to keep your family whole and safe in an extraordinarily turbulent world. Tools like groups, forums, chat, Q&A, the ability to friend and share your favorite links, photos and videos with fellow community members along with our special family focus make 1 Smart Family a unique destination that you’ll hopefully want to visit again and again.

Join us on a family ride

It’s a Family Ride. Come join us!


ith all that being said, we’re doing everything we can to make 1 Smart Family a useful, family- and user-friendly website; but it’s going to be you, your family and the friends you’ll meet here that will ultimately make 1 Smart Family what it can become. Your suggestions and contributions are going to make the difference between just another website and a truly outstanding community. So please come along for the ride, we can’t wait to see where it goes!